Let’s begin with a Jacobsen

Marketing, Print, Strategi, Web

Jacobsen is Carlsberg's premium range of uncompromising craft beer. It is inspired by the legacy of J.C. Jacobsen, the perfectionist brewmaster who founded Carlsberg in the 1840s.

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The creatives
The gastro-aesthetic photos of bottles, fluids and pre-dinner snacks tell a subtle story about the perfect occasion for having an exclusive craft beer. So does the TVC, which was inspired by the hashtag #craftbeerporn.

When we launched the new universe across platforms, the centerpiece was, which is a deep-dive into the universe of craft beer, gastro snacks and the art of brewing beer.

The UX is a visual exploration of a world of beer. The navigation is designed to challenge current usability conventions.

Danish Society for Nature Conservation

Marketing, Print, Strategi, Web

We work with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation on an array of digital tasks. We've assisted with visual identity and rebranding, and for nearly three years we have worked together on campaigns - from preservation of our coasts to fighting microplastics in the environment.

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Preserve our coasts
The campaign converted more than 141,000 site visitors to petitioners. The clear message was: “We are saving the Danish coasts – want to join us?”.

Guerrilla tactics
By using instead of The Danish Society for Nature Conservation’s usual website, we created an engaging way to send a message to the Danish politicians – and it worked. The changes to the law were abandoned, and the coasts are still public property.

Alongside the impressive results, the campaign delivered more than 6,000 new members to The Danish Society for Nature Conservation.

Current campaign
At the moment, The Danish Society for Nature Conservation is launching the next campaign to save our beloved Danish woods. Based on the success with preserving the Danish coasts, the petition website is rallying the Danes and urging them to stand together against the government plans. See the campaign at

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Circle K

Marketing, Print, Strategi, Web

From online marketing to in-store activation. Circle K has been with us for a while. They challenge us with short deadlines on a daily basis, and they keep showing us their trust by letting us find creative and technical solutions to an array of communications challenges.

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Circle K i Danmark

Join the club
Circle K has been with us for quite some time. We work with them on various jobs centering on web development, concept development, and in-store activation of the Circle K Extra Club.

… or the family
Circle K went through an extensive process when the company name changed in April 2016.

To introduce the new name and the great services at Circle K, we created The Circle K Family, a representative Danish family that we would follow as they experienced Circle K. This allowed Circle K to share great and honest content, seen through the eyes of the family.

We were responsible for concept development, finding the test family, making short films and a standalone website.


Film, Marketing, Print, Strategi

Grimbergen is a Belgian abbey beer relatively new on the Danish market. The abbey has burned and been destroyed several times since the Fathers founded the Grimbergen Abbey in 1128. They began brewing that same year.

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Grimbergen Denmark
Grimbergen logo

Discover the legend – rediscover beer

As Grimbergen was relatively new on the Danish market, the briefing was to maintain and revive the beer’s main brand asset: The legend of the Phoenix.

From cinema to Facebook

We made a dramatic film about the harsh fate of the Grimbergen Abbey and the coat of arms, the Phoenix. The film was produced in collaboration with Ghost VFX in a global web version and a Danish TV + cinema version. TV and digital activities included.

The results

The Danes received Grimbergen with both love and thirst. Awareness amongst people from 23 to 40 years rose from 13% in the first quarter of the campaign to 32% in the third quarter. In the first year, Grimbergen saw an increase in sales with 300%.

Grimbergen is now the biggest foreign specialty beer in Denmark.

Grimbergen Denmark