We make brands relevant with interesting content that captivates and retains - because it creates value. It's all about creating a meeting point between the brand and the individual user so that the experience is relevant for both parts.

We help brands become relevant with content that sparks an interest

How do brands become meaningful for users? The simple answer is by creating a meeting point between brand and the individual user. Finding a common passion, interest or goal.

In content-driven branding, the brand has to stand for something and contribute with something. It’s not about spewing what you think the recipient wants to hear. In other words, content marketing is about being recipient-oriented as well as sender-oriented.

And there is always a meaningful meeting point between the sender and the recipient. It’s just about finding that sweet spot where the good brand experience blossoms.

Do you have a content strategy?

We give advice on great content and create it – from concepts and ideas, to production and execution on social media or websites. It's rarely a succes if you post a classical TV commercial on Facebook, as the two platforms work differently. On social media, you need to think and act like a content editor, but conversely, there are fewer people who want to follow brands.

So what do you do?

As a brand, you have to think in (paid) reach in order to be seen and heard. At the same time, you need to think of elevating relevance to ensure that anyone is actually listening. This is the balance we help you find.

We make sure that your content reaches the right audience on digital platforms

We create and curate creative content. But we don’t consider the task done when the content is produced. For us, a part of the creative process is to make sure that the content lives.

Is there a secret sauce?

Well, it’s not really a secret. At GORM Agency, our content specialists work closely with paid media specialists who are hardcore at activating the creative content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google – and so on. The "secret" behind our results is that we combine creativity with insights into digital media – naturally including the various ad formats on Facebook, Google Ads and the multiple possibilities of YouTube, to name but a few.

In other words: We understand the whole, not just the stand-alone parts. We refuse to work in silos. And we constantly adjust and refine both the creatives and the paid execution.

Data is nothing without creativity and human insight. Creativity that does not take data into consideration risks suffering a slow and indifferent death without an audience.

We play with open cards

Usually our clients know more about their own business than we do. We, however, like to believe that we can challenge them on expert insights and creativity on digital media.

Through the combination of humility and boldness, you as a client and we as an agency learn from each other when we work together. And this is simply the most enjoyable and fruitful way to establish a partnership.

When we activate digital content, we report on our findings. This is pivotal so that we develop even better creatives and strengthen our media effort. With data at hand, we improve and adjust. This is an ongoing process that requires disciplin, honesty and close collaboration with you as a client.

Which formats work best?

The short answer is: Test, test, test. Of course, we (and you) have loads of experience that can point us towards whether a video, text, images or audio is the best format for the job.

Content has to be great and relevant. And if you want it to be effective and initiate thoughts, feelings and actions, then context is crucial. Is it optimized for mobile, clickable, clearly branded etc.? Content is not just content. The channels and formats shape how the recipient interacts with the content.

Think big – start small

How do you get started activating content on digital media? It can be expensive to create a full-blown content universe. But less can do it – especially in the beginning.

We recommend that you start small, because it makes it possible for us to tune in on what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes a creative vision does not work at all for a digital audience – this can be a costly experience.

Therefore, we often start by taking a look at your existing materials. With this, we test and get data on the types of content and formats that your key audiences (as well as the algorithms) respond best to.

With this foundation, we are able to move you and your business forward while also maintaining a reasonable budget.

Søren Stemann Beck
CEO, Partner

You’re welcome to call me on +45 40717554 if you want to discuss digital transformation and how we can help your business. I’m looking forward to talking to you.

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