We create effective solutions because we understand technology and user behaviour. We are dedicated to working with data and we constantly seek to translate user behavior insights into business-critical actions.

Conversion and performance marketing is business-critical - are you on track?

We are experts when it comes to online conversion and performance marketing. And we know how to combine performance with brand marketing, making sure that your brand and business is relevant all the way through the sales funnel. We aim to be your business-critical digital partner.

We continuously collect data in order to document and optimize the effect of our efforts.

It’s about choosing the right technology and understanding user behaviour on the relevant channels – both qualitatively and quantitatively. With the right data at hand, we are able to bring insights into play as quickly as possible, so that we manage our client's budgets sensibly.

Creative user experiences and meaningful brand content require an audience. If we don’t have users that read, listen, look, swipe, scroll – and ultimately buy – then the user experience is non-existent.

We don't just focus on the “buy” button. Behaviour and decisions also happen off-screen, however, there is no doubt that digital platforms (like social media and search engines) are a valuable part of people’s everyday decision-making, even if the final sale happens offline.

Make data-driven decisions with a Value Report

At GORM Agency, we are dedicated to working with data and analysis. For this purpose, we have developed The Value Report. The Value Report is a shortcut to transparency, and a means for the whole organisation to follow the performance of the ongoing marketing activities.

The Value Report gathers all online channels such as the website(s), social media and Google, and present it in a real-time online dashboard. With The Value Report, the client gets an overview and insights into their sales and marketing activities. By gathering all data and results in one place, it is far easier making data-driven decisions.

Kenneth Mørk
Client Service Director, Partner

You’re welcome to call me on +45 23 66 44 11 or filling out the form if you want to know how we can optimize your digital presence. I’m looking forward to talking to you.

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