Brunn Rasmussen Auctioneers

With a Value Report in their hands, Bruun Rasmussen has a clear overview of which online marketing channels that create direct value for their business.

The Value Report is, besides being an online dashboard in real-time, a monthly tailormade analysis and recommendation for Bruun Rasmussen. We go through new insights, how new actions can be implemented and lead to business-critical sales.

With The Value Report, transparency is easy – and thereby, taking action is also easier.

From paper catalouges to data-driven customer journeys

The Value Report measures soft metrics and upper funnel activities, but the true value is in hard, business-critical KPI's such as account creations, signups to newsletters, number of search agents created, number of bids and obviously numbers of winning bids and auctions.

This means that Bruun Rasmussen has gained a deeper understanding of the customer journey. For example, they now know when to start marketing a specific auction prior to the beginning of the auction. 

"The Value Report is a foundation for better collaboration between the sales and marketing departments” – Kirsten MacDonald, Head of Sales"