Illustreret Videnskab

In 2019, the Nordic region’s most read magazine, Illustreret Videnskab, introduced digital subscription – and in just 1 year, they gained 86 % new digital subscriptions.

Illustreret Videnskabs new subscribers are younger, they are digital, they are demanding. And not least of all, they want to pay for content that sparks an interest! This is why Illustreret Videnskabs new universe is always at hand – via smartphone or tablet – and available everywhere.

Digital partner across the organisation

In close collaboration with Bonnier Publications, we have thought through, mapped and experimented with digital user journeys and we came up with a creative concept that is born for social media and online marketing. We did this to break all habits and old ways of thinking when it comes to magazine subscribers.

Our collaboration was a great team effort starring Bonnier Publications, editors from Illustreret Videnskab and GORM Agency.

In just 1 year, more than 100.000 have signed up for the digital universe

Content sells, but platforms deliver the experience.

For more than a generation, Illustreret Videnskab has given millions of Scandinavians the answers to the biggest questions in life – and catered to the little everyday wonders. With the digital universe, the DNA remains the same: Curiosity!

It is the same content as always, but instead of just adjusting it to fit the digital platforms, the content is first and foremost thought and designed to create a great digital user experience: Visually appealing and well-written science across web and app, with lots of interactive material and audio reading of many articles.

The primary idea behind the creative concept was tapping into the cool, new digital universe. We wanted to trigger people’s curiosity with existing content in a fun way. The strategy was going up in the sales funnel – and doing so without losing sight of the important conversions and selling new digital subscriptions.

86 % of the subscribers that Illustreret Videnskab has gained in the digital universe are customers that they DID NOT know before

Data-driven marketing all the way through the sales funnel.

An essential part of this project was leaving the old ideas of a magazine behind and not just digitizing it. We wanted to do more than that. With data as our compass, we succeeded doing many things:

An experiment involved creating a YouTube channel. This attracted 80.000 loyal users – in Denmark alone.

A machine learning model and a dynamic paywall help each other in analysing the users that visit Only a hot lead is presented with the option of subscribing, while others are offered more free content or nudged for a newsletter signup until they are ready to buy a subscription.

The digital transformation of Illustreret Videnskab has been a true journey: From awareness to conversions, from editorial staff alone to an organisation – in an approach that balances content marketing with performance marketing.